Coloured Rendering Systems

It's All about the prep

K-rend HP12 Basecoat with embedded mesh and mechnically fixed

Going through the process - Ready for the Final Coat

Krend HP12 brought to thickness leaving a Float finish. Allowed tocure before applying TC Primer


Breathe NEW LIFE into your home - KREND TC15 in Pure WhiteTexture finish

Improve your home appearance and energy efficency with this system. The surface is water repellent ensures a fresh modern look for a long prolonged time period. The resin finish is drier and thus more repelant to algae growth and lime Bloom


KREND HP12 Basecoat with Scaped Finish Top Coat

Perfect modern look, finished in white.

Let get creative - This Rendering Works

We want the work and your business

Together we can reach new heights

Anything is possible with the right planning

Let us help you, Solhull Plasterers offer expert help and advice. Combined with years of experience and all qualified plasterers, you're guaranteed to receive the right product and best possible job for your property, as well as a professional service.

How Can We Help? What are the main benefits of choosing Krend Coloured Rendering?

It is really Durable - Krends silicone coloured render will see you right for years to come. The silicone technology incorporates water resistance as part of a cement-based rendering system for a low-maintenance and natural-looking.The hard-wearing finish is much drier and therefore resistant to algae and natural bloom.

There is No cracking - due to the unique technology in rendered silicone finishes, water vapour is able to pass through, allowing the substrate to breathe. Not only are silicone finishes water repellent, but they perform well in all weather conditions.

There is variety of colours - Both the silicone thin coat and silicone scraped texture finishes are available in 20 different colours, all of which are esthetically pleasing. It will add to the value of the house and kerb appeal increased significantly. Why not gIve us a call, you'll be able to receive a bespoke silicone coloured render recommendation that's designed just for your property, based upon the colours and textures that will work best for your building.

A key strength is our proven ability to undertake schemes in a wide diversity of project types. Sectors include commercial, educational, industrial, retail, residential, hospital, hotel, and domestic. Whatever the requirement, Large contract package, a small partition – Solihull Plasterers delivers the very highest standards of quality and commitment.

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